Did you know 70% of new businesses fail in their first 5 years?

Having run my own businesses for over 10yrs, I know what it’s like to start a new business. It can be a daunting process, especially as the first 5 years are so important for lasting success. That’s why I am offering my experience and expertise to new businesses, to make running a business less stressful and to yield results. I helped a struggling family-run business, providing them with guidance and support. At the end of the process, they were turning over £1m a year. I’ve helped many other businesses and saved them time, money and stress. I can help your business too.

Get the support your business needs now

  • Expertise

    Get guidance and support that will enable you to set-up and grow your business. Get the results you’re after.

  • Your Business. Your Choice

    Whether you just want to talk something over with an expert, find a long-term mentor, or build your business under your own steam via my online course, there are different options to suit your business needs.

  • Excellent Value

    Building and growing your business shouldn’t leave you strapped for cash. Cashflow is important, so I’ve made all my services excellent value.

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